Ministries at NUMC


The Nurture Ministries address caring and hospitality within the congregation and community. By definition, nurture is "something that nourishes" or "to feed, to cultivate, to train, to foster or upbringing/rearing."

A sampling of some of our nurture programs include:

Friendship Time Hosts: Be the friendly face hosting the snack table at fellowship following Sunday morning worship. The church provides the food and beverages. Just serve, smile, chat, and clean up.

Healing / Prayer Team: Participate in healing prayer and laying on of hands during communion services and in prayer circles afterwards in the prayer room.

Homebound Visitation: Helping to care for and visit the homebound, and maintaining their connection with the church family.

Luncheon Care Team: Prepare and/or serve funeral or memorial lunches as needed.

Office Volunteers: Assist in the office for various duties as needed.

Publicity: Help coordinate publicity and community news for the church and our activities.

Chili Cook Off: This team plans and coordinates the Chili Cook Off which takes place in February.

Christmas by Candlelight: A very special evening for the ladies with beautifully decorated tables, delicious food, and entertainment, with superb service provided by the men of the church.

Christmas Caroling: Singing Christmas carols to our homebound members. For anyone who enjoys singing and bringing joy to others.

Easter Brunch and Easter Egg Hunt: Help plan and serve a brunch on Easter morning followed by a children's Easter egg hunt, prior to worship services.

Election Day Hospitality: Our church is a polling station for elections. Help host the treat table for all or a part of the day.

Euchre Night

Lenten Soup Potluck Movie:


The Outreach Ministry has an international, national and local focus. We distribute clothing, food, toiletries, toys and much needed assistance to rebuild communities as well as lives. Our interfaith mission gives us a diversified outlook that opens our hearts and minds to the needs of others.

CASS Community Center Luncheons

CASS Community Center Luncheons: We serve CASS Luncheon once every three months on a Saturday morning. We meet at church at 9:00 a.m., transport supplies down to CASS Community Center where we prepare and serve the meal to the homeless.  We are back at the church around 2:00 p.m.

Cass Hygiene Packets: Assemble and deliver hygiene packets for the homeless of CASS.

Garden Space of Grace Community Garden: Every spring a garden springs up behind the church, where vegetables are grown to help supply the Novi Food Bank. Team members plant, weed and tend the garden.

Ministry by Mail: These ministry members reach out to those that could use a reminder of God's love through the mail. They send cards, letters, care packages (and thoughts and prayers) to individuals that may benefit from the occasional greeting, such as the ill, injured, college students, service personnel or prison inmates away from home.

Rotary Lunches: Novi Rotary meets each Thursday at noon in Memorial Hall. A special ministry team meets at the church each Thursday morning to prepare the luncheon meal for the group.

Boy Scouts: Troop 54 meets every Monday night and has the Courts of Honor here as well. They annually sponsor a car wash in the church parking lot.

NUMC also sponsors a Cub Scout group, Pack 746. They generally meet on the third Thursday of each month.

AA: Novi UMC has four chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous who meet weekdays at noon.

Halloween Care Packages for College Students: This ministry team assembles and packs care packages for college students away from home to remind them that they are still in our family, loved and not forgotten.


Worship at NUMC is an uplifting blend of contemporary and traditional music, listening and reflecting upon God's Word as it comes to us in contemporary versions of the Bible, community prayers, and choir anthems. Our Praise Band leads us in song as worship begins. Children remain in the sanctuary until Children's Time. Holy Communion is offered during worship on the first Sunday of each month along with our healing ministry. Staffed Nursery and Cry Room are available.

Worship Ministries: We have many worship related ministries; some are ongoing and some are seasonal.

Acolytes: Acolytes assist in worship services by lighting the candles on the altar table before the service begins and extinguishing them when the service ends. This important role signifies the beginning and completion of worship.

Communion Preparation and Serving: Prepare the elements and the altar for communion on the first Sunday of the month, and/or serve communion during the service

Hanging of the Greens: Decorating the church for the Christmas season.

Greeters: Be the friendly face and outstretched hand welcoming others to Sunday morning worship and friendship time afterwards.

Ushers: More friendly faces to welcome others into the sanctuary, hand out bulletins, and help people find seats.  The ushers also collect the offerings.

Liturgists: Liturgists assist the Pastor in leading the congregation in worship, leading in prayer and reading from scripture.

Multi-Media Team: Assist in making our worship service a multi-media experience. We need internet researchers, digital photographers, presentation designers, projection technicians, and soundboard engineers. May assist regularly or fill in as needed.


NUMC has a very active music program, including the Chancel Choir, the Bell Choir, and the Praise Band.

Praise Band: This group is vital to the contemporary part of our worship. Singers and instrumentalists provide the leadership for singing of praise songs at the beginning of our worship service each Sunday morning.


Chancel Choir: The Chancel Choir rehearses every Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Music Room. They provide both new music and old favorites for worship from September into June on most Sundays in addition to presenting special music at Christmas and Easter. All singers are welcome. You do not have to read music to be part of this music ministry!

bell choir

Handbell Choir: If you would like to participate musically but insist that you have no singing voice, join us and become a bell ringer for Christ. We're having great fun on Thursday nights at 6:30 in the Music Room. You do not need prior bell experience or even be able to read music to play hand bells.

Other Opportunities: In addition to the above, opportunities for small ensemble and solo work are available at NUMC. These special groups and solos are presented during worship and as part of the seasonal music as well. During the summer, when the choir is on hiatus, special solos and ensembles are presented each Sunday.


United Methodist Men, United Methodist Women (Dorcas Circle), Fishermen (Men's Bible Study & Devotion Time), Jr/Sr High Youth Group.

United Methodist Men: United Methodist Men are very active at Novi UMC. They sponsor two or three spaghetti dinners annually. They are also very active in the annual Yard Sale, Christmas By Candlelight, the Annual Chili Cook-Off and the annual Pancake Breakfast, to name but a few. They serve the church in areas that are most needed, assisting with fund raising and helping with youth projects. Meetings are scheduled as needed.

The Fishermen Men's Group: The Fishermen is a small group for men that will meet the first and third Mondays of each month. Our goal is to study the Bible for perspectives on being a man in the modern world and support each other in following this ideal. Meetings will start at 7:00 pm in the church library and last approximately 90 minutes. No materials or preparation are required.

United Methodist Women: The women's arm of the UMC meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the church library. This group is active in Christmas by Candlelight, bake sales and other local causes. The purpose of this unit is to join in supporting local, national and global mission outreach. All women inside and out of the church are invited to attend.

Sharing and Caring Women's Group: Women caring for each other and sharing the word of God. This is a small group where women of the church can find connection and spiritual support. Our meetings are the first and third Monday of each month.

NUMC Young Adults: This group of young adults in their twenties and thirties meets on the third Saturday of each month for a time of fun and fellowship. Past activities have included dinners out, bowling, hiking at a local park, game night and navigating a corn maze.

Jorgba UMC, Liberia, Africa

church in Liberia

We built a church in Liberia, Africa.

Over a two year period, collections were taken and sent to Liberia, Africa, where they were used to build a new church for the local congregation. Previously, the church was a mud brick structure that melted away each year during the rainy season and had to be re-built over and over again. Our donations allowed them to build a new church with permanent materials.

The local congregation provided all the labor and built it themselves. There are no roads for miles, so the heavy building materials, including cement blocks and bags of concrete, were carried on their backs for many hours along a trail through the surrounding jungle.

Jorgba United Methodist Church is Novi UMC's sister church. This immense project was made possible through the generosity of the Novi UMC congregation and our former Pastor, Rev. Jackie Holdsworth, and her late husband, Rev. John Kershaw.


peace vigil

Monthly PEACE Vigil on first Sunday of every month, 12:00 till 1:00.

Participate in monthly peace vigils along Ten Mile Road in front of the church on the first Sunday of each month. The vigil is from 12:00 noon until 1:00pm. This is not a protest against anything, but rather done in a totally positive manner, expressing a desire for Peace. We hold signs, pray for peace, and sing songs of peace.

This is a vigil FOR PEACE. It is not a protest against anything. It is not anti-war, or anti-military, or anti-our president, or anti-any country, or anti-any people, or anti-any belief system. It is simply FOR PEACE.

We stand on the church lawn at the curb of Ten Mile Road, holding signs that say PEACE or PRAY FOR PEACE for passersby to see. We will pray together for PEACE.

Prayer and positive thoughts have an effect. We are a small group, even if everyone in our church joins us. But our being FOR PEACE may influence others, who may influence others, who may influence others.

Our PEACE Vigil coincides with our monthly communion service. As we take communion, we affirm our connection with Jesus, and all he taught and stood for. PEACE is a very important part of his message to us. Let us honor his teaching of love for ALL of our neighbors by expressing our desire for PEACE in the world.

Please join this VIGIL FOR PEACE. One hour, once a month. Is PEACE worth it to you?

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